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A Dads Testimony: My plea to God for His reality. Six months later I was in a summer-long Jesus of Nazareth passion play. Six months later I pleaded to God and gave my daughters to Him to protect. Six months later God heard another mans plea to revive my youngest from death. Testimonial validations are below.

Stay Within Focus Book 2022 available soon. A dads short testimonial, and with over 80 bible topics and 1600 versus, 148 pages.

Validated TV news reports - Passion Play video clips - News paper article

Television News Validation 1992:

Television News compilation from 1992 validation:

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Passsion Play Validation 1998:

Jesus of Nazareth Passion Play Excerpts from 1998 , 7 years later, validation:

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News Paper Validation 1993:

The only interview Wayne gave, a year after for a Northwest Christian Journal news article, validation. What's not in this interview is his plea to God where he gave his daughters to God.

'The Angels are here' by Nick Walker, July 1993

Wayne McMahan will never forget the phone call he got on a Friday afternoon just about one year ago. His five-year-old daughter had been strangled in a restroom on the campus of Tacoma Community College. Miraculously, she was alive. Perhaps even more miraculously, she was going to be all right.

"I was shocked, but l remember not being afraid," McMahan says. There was a man with me who was a strong Christian. He had come by my office for no apparent reason, but I know God had placed him there. We immediately started praying."

That's only one small example of how God intervened in what might have been a tragedy. Having become a Christian only nine months earlier. McMahan still had many questions about how God would work in his life. He has some answers now.

It was a moming early in May that Michelle McMahan was on her way to the women's restroom in the cafeteria at TCC, where her mother was a student. Just before the young girl could go through the door, a stranger snatched her, covered her mouth, and dragged her into a stall inside the adjacent men's room. He started choking the child.

Moments later, Jerry Heilbrun, another student at the college, walked into the men's room. He saw Michelle's feet sticking out from under the stall. She wasn't moving.

"That bothered me,"Heilbrun says. "At first I thought it was a parent changing a child's diaper. But there should have been movement, there should have been some sound. I didn't hear anything at all."

He noticed a white paper hat on the floor, the kind the college's kitchen workers wore. Heilbrun hurried out the door and asked the kitchen supervisor if he had any employees with children.

"He looked at me like I was nuts and said no. The minute he said that, I ran back into the restroom yelling, ‘Hey, what are you doing in there!‘ A man's voice answered, 'Nothing.' Well, I knew something was going on.

Heilbrun peered over the top of the stall and saw the man's hands around the neck of the lifeless little girl.

"I just yelled out, ‘Call 911; get an ambulance!’ and the guy ran away. I thought for sure Michelle was gone. She wasn't breathing; I couldn't find a pulse. She was blue."

Being a Christian himself, Heilbrun started praying as he began to perform CPR on the five-year-old. "I thought of my own daughter and said, ‘Lord, please don't let her be dead."' After what seemed to Heilbrun like hours, Michelle started gasping and crying.

"That was when I had a real sense that she would be okay," says Heilbrun.

Police found Michelle's attacker, a 21-year-old kitchen worker who had previously been accused of rape, arson and burglary. Month's earlier, psychologists at Westem State Hospital had found the mentally retarded man incompetent to stand trial on any of the charges, and had released him. After the attempted murder of Michelle McMahan, he now remains at Westem State.

Wayne McMahan vividly remembers seeing his daughter in the hospital.

"Her eyes were bloodshot, blood vessels in her face had been punctured, and I was really hurting for her. I leaned over to her and I said, ‘The angels are here; there's nothing to worry about.' Her response was, ‘I know, and they told me everything would be okay.' I asked her, ‘Where?’ and she replied, ‘They're all over the room.’

"That proves to me there is a Kingdom of God. A five-year-old child could not be able to come up with a statement like that right after such a trauma. I know now that if something happens to me, a loved one, or my children, God will always be there."

]erry Heilbrun agrees. He takes no credit for saving the girl's life. "I believe that it was all in the hands of the Lord, and I was just an instrument that He used. You can attribute it to a lot of human factors, but when I really look at it, everything points to God."

For example, Heilbrun calls attention to his knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. "The last time l took a CPR course was in 1978. I had never used it before. I'm just amazed that l knew exactly what to do."

"The Lord placed Jerry in there," affirms Michelle's father. "He was sensitive to the Spirit. There were four other men in the restroom at the time, but Jerry was able to pick up that something wasn't right."

McMahan also sees God's hand in his daughter's amazing recovery. "She was up and about playing games and released from the hospital the next day." And although Michelle doesn't like to talk about the incident, her father sees a special joy within his daughter. That has helped him to forgive the man who almost took his girl's life.

"It really didn't take me long to forgive him. That may sound crazy, but if you could see the spiritual joy in Michelle, I think you'd see what I'm talking about. To see how Michelle has recovered from this has encouraged me. It has given me a greater desire to seek what God is all about."

It has also encouraged Heilbrun. "This has given me a lot of opportunity in talking to people where I work and at church and at school. It gives me the chance to share the gospel and really glorify the Lord."

McMahan still has questions about why God allowed the crime to happen. "But why He allowed it to happen is not the question," he says. "It rains and shines on all people, both just and unjust. The question is, how are we going to act now? Whatever purpose He has in store for Michelle, He'll let her know it in time. And because unfortunate things do happen, we must continue in our love for Christ. He is always there for us."

Nick Walker was a local television reporter in Seattle, Washington. He is a Weather Channel reporter.

Stay Within Focus Book 2022 available soon.
A dads short testimonial, 12 chapters, and with over 80 bible topics and 1600 versus, 148 pages.

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